Simba SCF Logo

The SIMBA Service Companions Foundation Logo was designed for SIMBA Service Companions Foundation (SCF), a non-profit organization aimed at raising money to help fund service animals for those who need them. SIMBA stands for “Supporting Independence by Motivating Believers’ Abilities.” The foundation was started by Alicia, a girl who started having seizures in her late teens. Through fundraising, Alicia was able to get Simba, a golden retriever trained to anticipate her seizures and protect her during and after them. The logo carries the regal look of the golden retriever, Simba, the company’s namesake. The illustration was accomplished by converting the original photograph into a vector image (using Adobe Illustrator’s Live Trace function) and then modifying it according to the design.

This image is the property of Rebekah Musser. Please do not copy, duplicate, redistribute or use in any format without the express permission of the owner.


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